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Watching my twin sister super diploma book!

Watching my twin sister super diploma book!

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Our task was to have 12 steps to get to the University from home. I was looking for a common point of departure and arrival. It was the University. I selected works from Budapest Design Week.

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Merci étapes !


Pour son travail de Master, la Hongroise Éva Valicsek a revu la conception graphique du roman “Les Liaisons dangereuses” de Choderlos de Laclos. Une double lecture qui distingue les lettres des deux personnages principaux, Valmont et Merteuil, des autres correspondances. L’idée est ainsi de créer une opposition entre les différentes morales qui ressortent de l’ouvrage. 

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School > MOME
Consultant > Péter Maczó, Márton Juhász
Photo > Nóra Dénes
Video > Balázs Balogh /
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Modern Patterns demonstrates the recent and growing modern patterns, including organic modern patterns and abstract modern patterns. With the common things in everyday life and the geometrical figures as source materials, the designers around the world have created these marvelous patterns and documented their inspirations. In addition, the book showcases the pattern applications in a variety of products.

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